Vie Ferrate and Mountaneering trails on Lake Garda

Everyone will find the ideal experience, from easy to very hard routes

Via Ferrata on Lake Garda


We offer a selection of the most beautiful via ferratas around Lake Garda. They’re divided by difficulty so that everyone can find their ideal experience. 

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Beginner: these via ferratas are suitable for beginners and families even with children who want to enjoy a quiet day as an approach to the vertical world. Physical effort is reduced, as well as the approach and return.

In this section you will find:

  • Via ferrata Colodri
  • Via ferrata Rio Salagoni 
  • Sentiero degli Scaloni

Intermediate: these via ferratas require a greater physical effort and are recommended for those who already have experience or for physically prepared people without particular fear of heights. Some of these, despite they’re not technically difficult, require rather long approaches and re-entries; others have vertical and tiring passages, even if easily reachable.

In this section you will find:

  • Via Ferrata Cima Capi
  • Via Ferrata Monte Albano
  • Via Ferrata Signora delle Acque
  • Via Ferrata dell’Amicizia
  • Via Ferrata Gerardo Sega
  • Via Ferrata Che Guevara

Pro: in this section you will find the most challenging via ferratas for those who want to test themselves. Previous experience and good physical shape are required. We will face many vertical and continuous passages where, in addition to strength, a good technique is necessary.

In this section you will find:

  • Via Ferrata Pisetta
  • Via Ferrata delle Aquile

Mountaneering Trails


In this section we find routes that require the use of mountaineering techniques and equipment (such as the rope for example) since there is no iron rope, or at least you find it in some stretches only. The technique is the same as in the great mountains of the Alps, but on a more relaxing terrain with the view over Lake Garda and the Sarca Valley.

In this section you will find:

  • Sentiero Alpinistico del 92 Congresso Sat
  • Sentiero Alpinistico dei Contrabbandieri ("Massimiliano Torti" o Tracciolino)

Best season

These mountaineering trails are accessible all year round, but it’s better to avoid the hottest days or waiting for the shade.

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