Ortles-Cevedale mountain group

Divided between the provinces of Trento, Bolzano and Sondrio, the Ortles-Cevedale group offers wide glaciers and peaks over 3500m with climbs and descents for all tastes. If technical summer mountaineering on the Cevedale ridge prevails in the Ortles area, we find many itineraries on easy glaciers, ideal as an approach to mountaineering or courses. Let's not forget the Gran Zebrù / Koenigspitze which alone is worth a visit to climb its challenging slopes. In winter, the peaks around Cevedale become the paradise of winter ski mountaineering, but above all in spring with many trips with a considerable difference in height, but thanks to the welcoming huts suitable for many skiers. Let's not forget the ski resorts of Solda and Santa Caterina Valfurva for freeriding where, given the altitude and exposure, it is easy to find beautiful snow.


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