Climbing at the Garda Lake


A stone's throw from Lake Garda there’s the picturesque Sarca Valley. Since the mid-1900s the best mountaineers and climbers have been engaged with its vertical walls; at first they were a little snubbed in favor of the great Alpine peaks ascents, but then they have been reconsidered as great challenges of high difficulty. Sport climbing was born right here between the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s, . The intent was no longer to reach the summit, but to test oneself by relying only on one's physical and technical ability without the use of artificial means.

We now find thousands of crag pitches and hundreds of multi-pitch routes of all kinds. From easy and very well protected routes to more extreme and psychologically difficult pitches. For this reason, those who come to visit this corner of Trentino, regardless of their experience, should take the opportunity and rest their hands on the excellent limestone of the Sarca Valley. The Outside Planet Mountain Guides are waiting for you!

Best period

By choosing the best exposure in the Sarca Valley and on Lake Garda, it is possible to climb all year round. In summer, the west slopes are preferred in the morning and east in the afternoon when they go in the shade. During the winter climbing is good on sunny days, especially on the south and east sides. In a few words, there is no excuse, come and climb!

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