The Via delle Bocchette in the Brenta Dolomites

A series of panoramic via ferratas along the ledges of the Brenta Dolomites

A route that crosses the entire Brenta Dolomites, covering panoramic via ferratas every day. They’re never too difficult, often with horizontal development, where the most vertical sections are tackled with long metal stairs. The environment is that of the high mountains, on the edge of 3000 meters, where the greatest dangers are weather conditions and the presence of snow and ice. Depending on the conditions and the period, crampons may be needed to overcome small glaciers or snow-covered gullies.

Technical Informations

You can customize your experience on the Via delle Bocchette based on your physical condition and the time available. Write to us and we will find the best solution together. Here are some ideas.

Via delle Bocchette

Vie Ferrate

daily duration hours

Athletic difficulty

Technical difficulty


In a day
  • Sentiero Vidi
  • Sentiero Sosat
8/10 4/5 C 1 participant 350 euro + 50 euro every subsequent (max 5)
2 days
  • Sentiero Sosat e Bocchette Centrali
  • Sentiero Sosat e Bocchette Alte
  • Sentiero Benini e Sentiero Sosat
6/8 3/5 C 1 participant 500 euro + 80 euro every subsequent (max 5)
3 days
  • Sentiero Sosat, Bocchette Alte e Bocchette Centrali
6/8 4/5 C 1 participant 800 euro + 100 euro every subsequent (max 5)
4 days
  • Sentiero Sosat, Bocchette Alte Bocchette Centrali, Sentiero Brentari, Via ferrata Castiglioni, Sentiero Martinazzi
6/8 5/5 C 1 participant 1100 euro + 130 euro every subsequent (max 5)


  • In high season it is advisable to book in advance to find a place in the refuge
  • Leaving early and returning early to the refuge or to the car is recommended to avoid the afternoon weather instability that is very common in the Brenta in summer.

What to bring

  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Via ferrata set
  • Water
  • Snacks for longer routes
  • High mountain clothing (see the "tips on how to dress" section)
  • Spare parts if you stay in the refuge for several days
  • Small first aid
  • Crampons
  • Trekking poles are useful
  • Trekking boots suitable for use with crampons (see the "advice on footwear" section)
  • Sleeping bag for overnight stay in the refuge

The Price Includes

  • UIAGM / IFMGA The Outside Planet Alpine Guide
  • The guides speak Italian, English and German
  • Any technical material

The Price does not include

  • Any lifts and shuttle buses
  • Drinks in the refuge
  • Lunches and more not included in the half board
  • Overnight stay with half board in the refuge
  • Anything not specified in the item "The Price Includes"

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