Trekking in the Adamello - Brenta Natural Park

Why choose the “Adamello Group” and the “Brenta Dolomites” for a multi-day trek or for a day trip?

The territory of the Brenta Dolomites is part of the larger Adamello - Brenta Natural Park, a place rich in biodiversity that is home to numerous animal species, plants and rare flowers. The landscapes of these mountain ranges of Trentino are unique in the world, as is their geological origin, extraordinarily different within a few kilometers. The walls and spiers of the Brenta Dolomites are a spectacle that we rarely have the opportunity to admire in the natural landscape and trekking is the perfect activity to allow us to observe and fully experience this wonderful environment. The Adamello group, with its granite, its alpine lakes, waterfalls and perennial glaciers, offers a wild high-altitude environment rich in history not far from the Brenta. You just have to explore them both!

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