Mountaineering in the Adamello-Brenta Dolomites group

Adamello glacier: the perfect approach to the height mountain terrain

The “Adamello group” is perhaps less known than the great 4000m peaks of the Western Alps, but of course a small paradise for lovers of Mountaineering. Its peaks slightly exceed 3500m, however the excellent granite rock and the long approaches on the glacier will give you an experience that has nothing to envy to its more famous neighbors. To approach these places, it is really recommended to spend the night in the shelters, some of which are located in very spectacular locations on the edge of 3000m.

The “Mandrone Glacier” is one of the largest in the Alps. Its infinite mass of ice is  called “Pian di Neve” and it is the access route to the Adamello peak - 3558m - the highest point of the group.

At the highest altitude along the way, we will also find countless finds witnessing the First World War that has been fought here for 4 long years. For those of you who love history, it is certainly a place where you can immerse yourselves in the events of more than 100 years ago.

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