Rock climbing in the Dolomites

Sport and classic climbing routes in a unique and breathtaking alpine landscape

In addition to being counted among the greatest in the world, the climbing routes and via ferratas of the Dolomites are also among the most accessible. The pages of climbing history have been written on the walls of these stone giants. Piaz, Preuss, Comici, Cassin, Vinatzer and Messner, just to mention some of the mythical characters who have made the history of mountaineering, have left indelible traces of their passage on these mountains with the opening of new itineraries. Climbing in the Dolomites offers itineraries for all tastes, where classic routes and modern bolted routes run parallel in a landscape that is evocative and unique.

If you come to climb in the Dolomites, get ready to let yourself be overwhelmed by what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and rewarding climbing destinations on an international level.


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